Sookasa - HIPAA and FERPA Compliance for dropbox and Google Drive

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The old perimeter-centric approach to security no longer makes sense in an age when employees rely on the cloud for everything from file storage systems to communications platforms. Your company stores vast amounts of data in the cloud, and not only do you need to know what it is and where it is—you need to resume control of it.

Enter Sookasa, which protects your information on the network and beyond. With the cloud, your data is everywhere. With Sookasa, your security can be, too. Although there are many ways to encrypt your communications, and plenty of storage services that offer HIPAA compliance, most of them come with a price: lack of convenience, and clunkiness. That is probably why a lot of us just end up stashing things in Dropbox. It’s easy and there are apps for any device you might have. On your home computer, you can just drag and drop into Dropbox and it lives forever in the cloud.

However, Dropbox certainly isn’t the most secure solution, and is not HIPAA compliant.Sookasa works with Dropbox and gives you an encrypted (and, if you pay for it, HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant) storage folder. Putting files in Sookasa is as easy as putting them in your Dropbox; it is that ease of use that often gets us to be more aggressive about securing data. There are no extra steps and you do not need to be some sort of Internet-ninja wizard to use the product

There have been ways to store encrypted files within Dropbox for quite some time. Viivo, notably, does a great job creating encrypted folders within Dropbox. If you just want encryption, noncommercial use of Sookasa is free (though you will obviously still need a Dropbox account, paid or otherwise). The paid version of Sookasa is $10 a month (or $100 a year) per user, and Sookasa also offers free mobile apps for iOS and Android. The paid version is what gets you the features that Sookasa hopes makes them stand out: HIPAA and FERPA compliance.

Sookasa also appears to be the first method that Dropbox has integrated into Dropbox for Business [also available for Google Drive, Salesforce, Zendesk and a number of other applications], which handles file sharing for a whole team. Sookasa’s partnership allows you to easily plug your whole office into the higher-security solution Sookasa offers without a clunky person-by-person setup and individually encrypting each laptop or mobile device.

It also lets you easily remove someone from the team and deny Dropbox/Sookasa access when a project is finished or when someone is let go.There are no size restrictions on how much you store in the Sookasa folder, so in theory you can encrypt everything in your Dropbox. According to Sookasa, most people do not end up doing so, but instead use Sookasa to segregate confidential business data within Dropbox.