Platform Integration

The ability to integrate a chosen sharing and collaboration with the "rest of the toolbox" is a critical component, and each of our best of breed choices has extensive "off the shelf integrations" available:
The expertise of aBIZinaBOX truly shines when "off the shelf" integrations don't exist, the existing integration doesn't work for a particular business process, or something more robust is required. There are a number of declarative integration connectors to choose from starting with the Enterprise wizardry of Dell Boomi all the way to the "low end" which is still quite useful (  aBIZinaBOX selected WORKATO.COM as its integration platform of choice for power, speed, and security. Our in-house technical expertise allows us to use Workato to create connections and better yet, create connections that didn't exist before. That means that we won't ask you to move from your existing applications just to create efficiency. We can meet you where you are, and bring you the rest of the way to optimize solutions that you have already invested in. 

The power of Workato and the endless possibilities are illustrated here: