aBIZinaBOX Solutions for Law Firms

In the past few years, a proliferation of software to serve law firms and solo practitioners has been developed. It is simple enough to deploy these solutions, but many times the entire business and its processes aren't considered. As a result law firms have come to us with incomplete inplementations, duplicative processes, and the resulting inefficiencies. The bottom line? They don't know their profits until tax time and aren't able to see the lost revenue due to unbilled receivables, uncollected receivables. Overall practice management is difficult because meaningful productivity metrics are inaccurate or nonexistent.

We understand practice management. Like many professional firms that support attorneys, we have grown very frustrated when we look at the potential for some legal firm management software vs. its actual performance. Software integration doesn't mean hooking up two apps using the out-of-the-box connector that may or may not work as intended. At aBizinaBox, software integration means selecting the best application for a particular need, customizing the integration as necessary, and creating a complete solution that makes sense.

After months of working with our clients on issue resolution, we set out to create new and improved solutions. We don't ask our clients to move to the latest and greatest software. We don't accept commissions on software sales. We meet our law firms where they are and work with their existing ecosystem to create a better infrastructure. We build the connections where they didn't exist before and make them work. That's not all; we don't leave our clients with technology they don't understand. We train the attorneys and office staff on how it works, and our clients have access to support from multiple channels using our own top tier technology infrastructure.

Hence, we present what we consider to be best of breed for law firms that makes sense, is transparent, and just plain WORKS. 
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Bank Grade Security Yes Yes + audit trail  
Billing  xero.com + bill.com where appropriate  
Time Tracking Track time by task, allows for multi-tasking, tracks by client/matter Chrometa Billing software, management reporting software 
Granular Admin and Access for Teams with Audit Trail Granular Admin and access is essential to meet regulatory compliance requirements and run a multi-professional practice.  Google for Work audit trail, Sookasa, and BetterCloud  
Realtime User Monitoring Admin needs the ability to monitor what their people are doing. Multiple apps that can generate reports in real time, with overarching access control through Okta SSO.   
Legal Accounting Reconciliation for trust accounting, advance client expenses, real time updates, clear reporting Xero Management reporting, billing, expense reporting 
Matter Management CRM capabilities link clients to matters and related information. The matter management system is the centerpiece for the legal software ecosystem Clio, Infusionsoft, Salesforce Billing, management reporting, financial system, lead management, trust management 
Integrations Customizable to fit business processes Workato Out-of the-box or specialized integrations are available to customize the overall solution 
Trust Accounting Three way reconciliation between trust funds, total held in trust and bank account(s) CRM (Clio, Infusionsoft, Salesforce) and Xero Custom integrations required for accurate reconciliations 
Outside Counsel Access Granular permissions to accommodate outside counsel, internal billing rates, fixed cost payments Sookasa Financial accounting system, CRM, eMail, Document Management systems 
Lead Management Capture inquiries from online channels and other sources  Clio, Infusionsoft, SalesForce 
Project Management Practice-wide view of all matters and productivity, tasks lists, progress monitoring, notes and team coordination Wrike Project Management, Clio, InfusionSoft, SalesForce Document management 
Intake and lead management Manage leads, automate intake, follow up on forms and data collection Lexicata Clio 
Email Encryption Securely send sensitive messages to any recipient; prevent sensitive information from being inadvertently revealed GAME (Google Apps Message Encryption) by Zix, Google for Work Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail  
Document Automation and Security Protect data and documents from external access and unauthorized internal access Box.com, Dropbox for Business, NetDocuments; Google Drive Data Leak Prevention (DLP)  
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery  VMWare, AWS  
Showing 17 items